Fasting and Prayer

When was the last time you spent time in fasting and prayer? I guess you all know what is prayer but do you know what is fasting?In Matthew 6:16 Jesus didn't say if you fast but WHEN you fast. This implies a mandate, a command, an expectation that we... read more

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Albany NY Dance Ministry

Welcome to Dance My Spirit! International School of Ministries. It is a non-profit 501-c organization, serving the Capital Region, located in Albany, NY. This is a biblically founded Spirit-led Christian dance training school, geared to teach the Sacred Dancers and Artistic Ministers how to apply biblical principles to all forms of artistry. The dancer will become verse in the Holy Scriptures and will learn how to activate the Scriptures through artistic movements, not limited to dance. The sacred artist will be encouraged and challenged to tap into the giftings and talents given by the Holy Spirit for the glory of God. Each student is seen as a leader and so this school is aimed to pull out the leadership qualities of every Minister, so that they will become skillful as they are released into their calling and do so with the spirit of Excellency. Journaling is a hallmark of the school as each Minister learns to keep record of their spiritual encounters with God. Bottom line, The dancer will learn what it means to dance from their spirit.