The Holy Spirit

As worship dancers, we must be aware of the 'CURRENT MOVE' of the Spirit of God.Current move does not just mean this year, this month, this week, or today. For us worship ministers; 'Current Move' means at the exact moment in time whether it is 2pm,


Fasting and Prayer

Fasting and PrayerWhen was the last time you spent time in fasting and prayer? I guess you all know what is prayer but do you know what is fasting?In Matthew 6:16 Jesus didn't say if you fast but WHEN you fast. This implies a mandate, a command, an expectation that we


The Prophetic Dancer

The Prophetic DancerThroughout the Holy Scriptures, God has sent His prophets to foretell events, to encourage, to strengthen and rebuke with compassion. The prophet hears from God and speaks His (God's) word. "All the prophets testify of Him (Jesus)..." Acts


Many Waters Cannot Quench Love

The Beloved in Songs of Solomon 8:6-7, spoke about the love she had for her lover in explicit terms as she laid her heart bare. "Place me like a seal upon your heart, for this love is as strong as death, it burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flam


The Sound of Rain

I Kings 18 talks about the god of baal and the God of Israel as Elijah calmly defends his faith. It was during the time of the drought in Israel at the time of the reign of King Ahab. The people of baal danced to him demanding that he answer them, wh


Day of Prayer

Day of PrayerWe received a wonderful message of thanks from Pastor Steve Lalor. I wanted to share with you all.Be blessed:He started out saying that he was choking up with tears during our choreographed dance. "It made a powerful spiritual impact and was so excel


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