The Sound of Rain


I Kings 18 talks about the god of baal and the God of Israel as Elijah calmly defends his faith. It was during the time of the drought in Israel at the time of the reign of King Ahab. The people of baal danced to him demanding that he answer them, while Elijah taunted them. And of course we know that the god of baal has no power. However, Elijah called on the one true God who answered by fire "so that the people will know that you are God". I can picture Elijah dancing in circle (Chabad) as he prepared the altar, laying the woods and stones.

After this, Elijah prophesied saying that there is the sound of abundant rain, the servant and none other heard, yet  soon after it rained.

As Dance Ministers, what are we hearing? Are we listening? What sound are we allowing to penetrate our ears and spirit? Are we only hearing the negatives of the news? Are we hearing the cry of God's heart? Are we hearing the woes of the nation? Are we hearing the sound of the Spirit? Are we prepare to pray until it rain, not just rain, but abundant rain.

Oh that we will hear the abundance of rain, not only for us but this dry and weary land.

Let us dance until we see the manifestation of the rain in its abundance.

I can hear the sound of abundant rain!!!!!!!!!!!


Pastor Josephine Pierre