Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a registration fee?  Yes. There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee per student to enroll in our classes.

Do I need to have dance experience to enroll?  No. We accepts student ages 3 through adult at various dance levels.

Are there discounts for multiple family members? Yes. We offer 5% discount for each family member 3 or more members of the same family as well as a 10% discount for full prepaid tuition for the year.

What forms of payments do you accept? Cash, Money Order and Bank Checks.

Do I have to participate in my classes? Yes. All artistic and dance minister students are expected to fully participate in their classes. This is so because we are teaching, equipping, activating each student in order to release them into their divine destiny. Participation also enhances collaboration, unity, oneness and group cohesion.

Will there be a dance competition? No. Our school is not training competitors, but worshipers to minister unto God from their spirit. We strive to celebrate each other uniqueness through praises and encouragement as we also learn from each other.

How long is each class?  Classes are held in adjacent to the public school calendar, which is September to June, (with our summer program being in June and July). 

Children ages 3-6 classes are 30-45 minutes long, children ages 7-12 will be 45 minutes, and ages 13+ and Adult classes will be 1hr.

Is this a technique school? No. Dance My Spirit! is a training institution which teach both theory and technique.

Will there be movements in the theory classes? Yes. Theory classes have movements call Activations.

A student has to be a Christian in order to enroll? No. Dance My Spirit! is open to everyone. But please note that it is a Christian dance school, all the classes are biblical based and there will be discussion about faith and why we dance, in accordance to the Word of God, hence the school is called Dance My Spirit.  

Will there be assignments? Yes. In order for the teachers as well as the students to know and build upon what is being taught and learned, there will be written and movement assignments. These will be graded, but the grading is NOT a pass or fail, but to encourage and motivate excellence so that ALL students will activate their full potential. Students will utilize the concept of journaling, from where some of their assignments will coome.